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jesus name not u.s.a changed back that why he don;t hear us

bronx66 hook
User ID: 14847721
United States
09/14/2012 11:33 PM
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jesus name not u.s.a changed back that why he don;t hear us
WWW.HOOKTV.BLOGSPOT.COM <<)The original Biblical name of Yesu (Iesu) was changed to Jesus less than 300 years ago within the English speaking nations. The name of Yahweh underwent a more gradual metamorphosis, beginning about 200 years earlier, resulting in the spurious hybrid name Jehovah. Modern man has come to believe that Jesus and Jehovah are legitimate names for God and Saviour, when in reality they are newly formed from a “strange slip.” Yesu and Yahweh are names given from heaven. Jesus and Jehovah are counterfeit names invented by man, and perverted by the language of Babylon. The following treatise is part of a documented research study into the historical linguistic changes in the names of God and Saviour, from the oldest known manuscripts to the modern present-day English versions of the Bible.<<,WWW.HOOKTV.BLOGSPOT.COM.READ ALL