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Star Wars/ Star Trek Representation to Real Life

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09/15/2012 02:13 AM
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Star Wars/ Star Trek Representation to Real Life
If there are any fans out there you will know exactly what i am speaking about when i mention this, for those that havent watched the movies or seen the episodes, i will help give information on what these movies have put into society. Hollywood itself has a good way of sending a psyop into the general media to allow itself to take over our mindset. Now i will begin with the metaphorical then relay my information into the physical. Alot is taken in pretext from religion and that of spiritual to technological advances.

For Star Wars:

We have a story that starts off with the birth of both a boy and girl, who later begin to find out about there evil father - darth vader who is in essence the antichrist and the living embodiment of evil along with his emperor chancelor palpatine to send thoughts of death and hate through him. Then we have the evil empire, one that would rule the galaxy not just the world, made of clones and human alike. There power would reach the far distances of space. Then you would have groups of so called angels or rebels like that of the jedi and the "rebel" groups to stop the advances of the evil empire. Along the way the boy and girl would realize there true power, to acknowledge that they would find a way to finding there father, and understanding the story of there own mother.

The boy named luke would live with his aunt and uncle, but later on the evil empire would destroy his family and have his go on a hunt with the help of uncle ben to stop the empire and find the reaches to meet with his father darth vader. The fight would go on forever, the rebels and jedi alike would fight the empire for many many years, until luke met up with his sister to unite there bond and stop the evil that reeked havoc on the entire galaxy. After meeting his father luke would understand the evil ways the sith had put unto his father, but darth vader wanted luke to sucome to the empire and become another pawn to the evil. After some time, vader would realize how his hate had transcended from the emperor and he would need to take down the root of the issue, thus sending the emperor into the casm of the death star, allowing vader to change his own spirit and soul into the uniting force and being the chosen one.

Like jesus for example there are stories that depict him as the chosen one and the one to help the people realize the good and everlasting love and compassion he had for everyone, first the antichrist as in example darth vader had to sucome to the evil to change his mind and to become good in his heart and soul. The death star as taken from star wars is actually another form of planet called nibiru in space or possible haarp machine that is bound to cause cataclysm wherever it goes, shooting a beam of light and destroying everything that is in its way.

Now i go onto star trek:

TOS - the original series based with a crew of people that were bound on a mission of discovery as well as understanding of there own spirit and that of making a misison to help humanity save itself and that of other species in space. The communicators they used on there chest are alot like that of cell phones we use now, as well as taking the transporter, there are small forms of it being used as we speak, but now we have another form of creation through which a 3D printing machine can harness the power to create as we see fit - there have been versions of weapons and even body parts created from this machine, the concept in itself from entirely from star trek to the protosynthesizer, you would walk up to it, ask for what you wanted and it would materialized whatever you had asked as long as the energy was flowing through it - electricity or whatever mechanism they used for continuous flow of energy.

Then we have ships that flew at warp speed, faster than that of light speed, breaking the barriers of physics and several laws of gravity. The idea in itself is now making its way into creation for faster speeds and being able to travel to new areas. Even the internet is like the mark of the beast in essence from religion, now we have connection with each other but essentially speaking the system is linked and whatever we imagine or want to suggest the internet has both useful and bad info. Now once the internet is down people begin to change there own reality and go back to history to transform and allow for a different mindset. Imagine if a EMP were to go off those that relied on it so much to transfer information would be out of the loop, people would loose there minds - being realistic here. Not many know how to survive without electricity, only material possesions have rotted there minds, allowing for an easy life without much sacrifice

Everyone on earth needs to come to the sense that we need no rely on the stuff we have for a long time, because resources are becoming dry, and there will soon be a reset button. We are advancing which is great, but my belief is that there will come great tribulation and judgement not passed from godly powers but for humanity in how we have gone from a good society, into one that is beyond hope and evil is constant. There is so much evil that it is allowing wars and making even relationship hard to come by. Those that once were good people are now left to dry and become so filled with hate that its inevitable for world wide catastrophy. I only ask we look back at history to allow for a better future, for the future to be good we must change ourselves instead of living just the same way we have been doing for just a mere 200 years.

For example great civilizations were traveling and making new terrority but there would be even greater ones to surpass them to allow for advancement and greater understanding. It is coming closer to a time we come together and acknowledge who we are and how we can do better. Everyone is here for some reason i believe, and life is not to be wasted but filled with both good and bad. A yin and yang.