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What Darwin Never Knew (Documentary)


User ID: 903456
09/15/2012 04:43 AM

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What Darwin Never Knew (Documentary)
The source of life's endless forms was a profound mystery until Charles Darwin brought forth his revolutionary idea of natural selection. But Darwin's radical insights raised as many questions as they answered.

This documentary offers answers to riddles that Darwin couldn't explain.

Scientists are finally beginning to crack nature's biggest secrets at the genetic level. The results are confirming the brilliance of Darwin's insights while revealing clues to life's breathtaking diversity in ways the great naturalist could scarcely have imagined.

More: [link to www.pbs.org]

This really is one of the greatest documentaries on evolution I have seen to date. Lots of new information.

User ID: 22625947
09/15/2012 07:41 AM
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Re: What Darwin Never Knew (Documentary)
Very Good. Evidence right near the end for human being GMO. In short the difference between a chimp embryo cerebral cortex and the cortex of a chicken is two letters in the DNA are altered. Human to chimp difference is 18 letters.

Basically, the size/function of our brain is due to an unusually high number of 'mutations'. Out of 2 million species, why do you think we are the only one that gives a fuck what anyone else thinks about us. We were GMO'd to serve and worship.
So what are you waiting for.....serve......worship.

Unfortunately I won't be joining you. I have devolved to chimpanzee so food and sex is pretty much all I think about.

Love Bob