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Steve.Quayle + Gorge Noory equals Excitement Tonight

User ID: 15712304
United States
09/15/2012 02:22 PM
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Steve.Quayle + Gorge Noory equals Excitement Tonight
lol I just sent this email to steve.quayle lol:

For a gun crazy deceptive absurd narcissist you sure know how to drive traffic to my site. Serves you right for not rewarding me for tipping you off. Bye demonic imbecile. Oh and by the way C2CAM needs your ranting paranoid imbecile self because it's gotten extremely boring with its repetitive psychic shit and duuuuuuumb geeeeeeorge nuuuuriiee fagging around with dicktard questions and "yeah, that sure is true" comments no matter what's said to that idiot.

[link to eternian.wordpress.com]