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Message Subject UFO's Launching off the Moon? (Hoax)
Poster Handle ShroGaijin
Post Content
It's not a moon at all, it's an ancient space station, The double whack theory is nothing more than a whacked out theory, you want the truth, look at what the ancient civilisations all throughout the earth's history have said and you will find your answers, mainstream media is nothing but a tool to black out the truth in all walks of life, the answers are found in science but the de-compartmentalisation of the science communities prohibits any chance of getting truthful answers when there constantly competing with each other for funding and dominance of one and another.

Look for answers, don't expect to be given the truth, it's a journey one must take, the truth is far from what we call the norm that you have to question your core beliefs and this is where the anger against one and another spills into forums, it's this cognitive dissonance we've been programmed to believe as reality that is stopping the truth.

all the ancient societies knew the truth, there science has been proven to be ground breaking and correct, so why not there version of history, they sure got astronomy and astrology right before modern man yet we presume that were the better.. a 5 thousand year old computer has been discovered and ancient remains being discovered by archaeologists have to be handled while wearing a hazmat suit, any one going to ask how did ancient civilisation leave radioactive skeletons and descriptions of the illnesses that swept there lands is dead on right with a nuclear fallout, loss of hair finger nails etc, we need to step out of the box we have all been raised and groomed in, the pieces don't fit and we ignore it because were too busy watching the idiot box.
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