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Message Subject UFO's Launching off the Moon? (Hoax)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dont know about the video but i definetley believe that nasa is hiding a majority of their stuff.

I mean if Armstrongs moon landing was real that was more than 40 years ago.

If you asked people in 1969 after the moon landing what they believe where nasa will be in 40 years, most would probably have said, in spaceships visiting all kind of planets in our universe regulary.

And the people at that time underestimated the speed of technological development.

Its very hard for me to believe how "little" progress they made since 1969.

yes they achieved some great stuuf im sure but nothing fundamental.

Same with the weather.

30 years ago meteorologist said they were sure in the year 2000 we will be able to controll the weather.

When something is still far away they talk about it openly but once they get close to achieve these thing they become quiet.

I fully believe they have all kind of interetsing technology they dont tell us about.
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