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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16824093
United States
09/16/2012 04:18 PM
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I've been having a series of dreams over the last few years which are happening more frequently and are getting stronger and I know from past experience this means the event is getting closer in actual time.


The event happens in the southern hemisphere to the east of australia and south of New Zealand. It is in the Pacific Basin itself. I keep dreaming of many square miles of the ocean floor on fire. Vulcanism at massive scale. When the dreams began a few years ago I kept seeing a giant column of smoke rising into the sky from the south west and I thought at first it might be a volcano letting off. Then the dreams expanded to include massive earthquakes shaking my area caused by the event off Australia. This led me to guess it must be an asteroid coming in from the southern hemisphere. Now I know its not.

In the dreams I suddenly found myself walking on an ocean beach and a whale is there, beached, and crying. It says to me "We are all going to die soon." I knew he meant the whale species as a whole and also ocean life in general. I remember asking the whale if this was something caused by man? I thought maybe pollution or whatever. The whale replied no, this is Earth going through her changes. Then the whale showed me the ocean floor and it was on fire as far as I could see. On the beach were millions of ocean creatures dead, killed off by the event. I sensed that this was an extinction level event for many species including many whale species.

The dreams have shown me that the ground shakes beneath all of us. It doesnt matter where you live. I have also seen the weather patterns changed by this event. Once plush regions of the Earth become dry as a bone as the jet streams are changed. Another part of the dreams shows me that the magnetic fields are screwy as well. Whatever this event is it effects even the magnetic field and it creates a great turmoil within man himself who is sensitive to these fields. The magnetic fluctuations cause inner turmoil...almost a madness in us.

I don't know if this is a 'pole shift'. I'm calling it a geological event because it involves a massive amount of vulcanism over a large area of the planets surface beneath the pacific ocean. This is larger than a super volcano, tho you could equate this with several super volcanos over a large area all going off at the same time.

I know from the dreams man is effected but does not become extinct. I know the Earth's ecosystem is going to break down from this event and it will take many decades for it to correct itself again. The ecosystem does heal, and so does man from this event. A new balance is struck between man and nature in the near future. We learn not to take Nature for granted anymore because we learn just how delicate the balance of life really is. All in all it is going to be one scary ride, but worth it in the end. Man becomes better for it in the end.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18713995
09/16/2012 04:19 PM
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