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are u a starseed hum!

User ID: 2039254
United States
09/16/2012 06:57 PM
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are u a starseed hum!
Well considering are u a starseed or not? For one did u do any online searches and read some of the characteristics of a starseed/indigo. Chances are ur both. Thats totally something you would know as the individual. As for me I found out that Im a starseed indigo adult, never thought much about it. Considering that Im a Christian by faith it was a very hard thing to except. But I know that my faith and my new found spirituality are compliments to each other. You should find a quite place where u could search out the truth. It will set u at liberty and all together empower u. Ive had some pretty lucid visions and knowing what I know now it doesnt seem too far fetched not even a little. But I received these incites in meditation. And dont make the meditation hard on yourself. Because one thing I hate the most is difficult hard to understand meditations that are far to complicated. I achieve more results with simple things that im comfortable with. EX: soft music and simple breathing is good for starters. Just quite ur mind open ur third eye and claircognitive reception and dare to believe and imagine the endless possibilities and just know that u are a powerful being of light. U would not have ask this question lest u were given good reason.