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You are all decieved! Aliens in the Embassies of the world; secret undercover..

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21738006
09/16/2012 09:07 PM
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You are all decieved! Aliens in the Embassies of the world; secret undercover..
groups burning them down, to get rid of the Dracos/Reptilians! China,the Islam group, the Israelis, etc, etc, are not saying it's Dracos, but, using the riots, and burned Embassies to get rid of the Dracos hiding in those buildings! Gov'ts know this, and are not saying that's what is going on!
We have got to fight the right to live here on Earth, not for the Reptilians, but only for us! Everyone on Earth needs to join together as ONE Species,
and remove the Evil/Reptilians once and for all! They are gathering in our skies, and it's just a few more months where they will control all of us! Get with the rebellion now! Fight for your fellow human beings on this planet;
No more killing your fellow man/woman! We need to gather and watch eachother's backs as of now! No more violence, riots, beheadings, and fighting against your fellow brothers/sisters! We are ONE; We are Earth!
Outside interference is the cause of all the destruction and in-fighting!
Change your mindset, and fight for your life, not your country! We are the world; Earth! We are the only ones that own this planet; and we all need to take care of it, and fight for it, not against eachother! Stop the riots and burnings now!!! Let's out the alien's whom are using us to cause chaos!