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Message Subject El Hierro / Canary Islands - Most Recent Information By The Most Diligent - And Recap Of Past Year
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A recap of the last thread and some vital information about the island of Hierro in the archipelago of the Canary Islands.

-El Hierro poses just as much threat as any of the other islands-

[link to www.myweathertech.com]

[link to ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]


"Update 07/08 10:21 UTC
An article in Diario El Hierro reports about some findings of the University of La Laguna. The professor indicates that eruption material from El Hierro is among the strongest eruption radioactive material known so far. Click here to read this (Spanish) article."

[link to earthquake-report.com]

"The stones of the eruption El Hierro, the most radioactive in the world"

"The stones that surfaced as a result of volcanic earthquake crisis last year affected the island of El Hierro are the most radioactive in the world, told Efe Antonio Darwich physicist, professor, Department of Soil Science and Geology University of La Laguna."

Original page in spanish [link to www.diariodeavisos.com]

So...they are totally dismayed as to how these rocks could be so full of radiation? Humm...let's try this explanation!


The United States used to use the coastal waters of El Hierro as a nuclear dumping ground. The idea that our nuclear waste has been drawn into the subversion plates, burnt down into the magma and then redistributed through El Hierro's underwater eruption is quite a possible scenario!

These eruptions are commonly phreatomagmatic eruptions, representing violent explosions caused by rising basaltic or andesitic magma coming into contact with abundant, shallow groundwater or surface water.


Total​ quakes to date (Takes a while to load)

[link to www.ign.es]

Deformation charts

[link to www.ign.es]


The starting point to all currently available pages on Hierro's seismic and volcanic activity

[link to www.ign.es]

A site that you can monitor and view all boat traffic. This site was very helpful as we watched the observation boats that were collecting data on the previous eruptive phase. We have seen everything from Japanese cargo ships to Venzuelan naval gun boats to Russian military craft to search and rescue choppers to Lebanese freighters coming and going from Hierro's ports.

[link to www.localizatodo.com]

The best place outside of IGN to view Canary quakes that pass 2.4 on the richter scale

[link to www.emsc-csem.org]

The National Data Buoy Center - If it ever hits the fan in Hierro, this site SHOULD display where the tsunami has reached and where it's headed, etc. It will display wave height and show wave speed on several buoys as well

[link to www.ndbc.noaa.gov]
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