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Message Subject El Hierro / Canary Islands - Most Recent Information By The Most Diligent - And Recap Of Past Year
Poster Handle shenue
Post Content
12-09-21 12:39

"Here we go again

- 14 more earthquakes since our latest update and to our surprise a lot of single digit depths.
- One of these quakes was at a depth of 3 km but this quake may have been generated by deformation stress as no other quakes were triggered in the same layer.
- A lot of these quakes were weak volcanic earthquakes
- These new events will hardly have been felt by local people because of the combination Magnitude / depth, but must be certainly worrisome for those living in the El Golfo area.
- We truly hope that the analysis Involcan reported to have stopped have been picked up by IGN as people in the area should be informed in-depth of what is happening. In a normal volcanic environment, the potential eruption area is very well known, but in El Hierro’s case, only the follow up of seismicity, deformation and sampling will lead to the prediction of an eruption spot.
- We are sure that the IGN volcanologists are following up the events continuously as the past events (swarms from June and last week) have proofed that events can start in a couple of hours and reach high numbers of quakes in less than 24 hours.
- The Avcan epicenter maps below are showing a high concentration of epicenters near the beach in the Sabinosa sector. We know that IGN has a lot of equipment installed in this sector".

[link to earthquake-report.com]
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