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Message Subject El Hierro / Canary Islands - Most Recent Information By The Most Diligent - And Recap Of Past Year
Poster Handle Gizzie
Post Content
Hey...did you sleep at all last night AT?
 Quoting: shenue

Bout 45 minutes I guess. I just hurt too bad to lay in bed for too long. If I can't fall asleep right away I start getting muscle cramps and I have to get outta bed.
 Quoting: American Trappers, LLC

Hi AT, sorry to hear your having problems, I sort of know what your going through as I have Degenerative Disc Disease on my lower left discs and since last Monday, I have been in absolute agony with it..The pain has moved to my lower spine and I'm getting muscle spasms, thus leading to me not sleeping very well...

Just finally got the doctors to give me more relief this morning...Got Diazepam and just took one about 20 mins ago, they are just about taking the edge of the pain thank god...

Yeah, I have had the week from hell and just hope it eases of soon. I presume that you have back problems yourself AT from what you have described, if so, take a look a my following thread I did last night, I needed help and advice fast last night as I'm getting to a point that I can't cope...

Take a look at the thread, There is some great advice and remedies that might be worth giving a try...

Thread: In Agony With Degenerative Disc Disease - What The Hell Do I Do??
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