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Message Subject El Hierro / Canary Islands - Most Recent Information By The Most Diligent - And Recap Of Past Year
Poster Handle shenue
Post Content
Good Morning

2012-10-02 06:18 UTC

- The volcano was very active during the evening hours. 6 earthquakes were added to the list during the last 4 hours of the day bringing the total yesterday to 17. Depths between 13 and 9 km.
- Only 2 so far this morning. A M1.1 at 11 km depth and a M1.0 also at 11 km depth.

2012-10-01 22:39 UTC

- 6 more earthquakes during the afternoon and evening, mostly at shallower depths

2012-10-01 09:18 UTC

- The day ended yesterday with 2 more volcanic earthquakes. One with a Magnitude of M1.3 at a depth of 10 km and one at a depth of 28 km with a Magnitude of 1.0
- The day has started with more activity (see below)
- GPS deformations (vertical) : Only Frontera shows a new value today. The new UR (Ultra-Rapid) value is approx. 1 cm less than yesterday.

[link to earthquake-report.com]
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