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Message Subject Florida Boy, 12, KILLS His 2 Year Old Brother...After Life Of Abuse!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm all for law and order and am no libtard,but this kid [he is a kid] has had an ABYSMAL life, and state social services are partly to blame . We spend BILLIONS of dollars each year to specifically help kids like this, obviously most of that $ is used to prop up huge bureaucracies and their obsession with maintaining power and job security, not to mention the many private contractors making big $. Yet still, shit like this is common-place.

He should be tried as a child, which is what he is, and locked up in definitely and at least try and see if he can still be helped. I understand though that the laws on the book don't do this and would probably set him free at 21 regardless if he's totally fucked up. A sad situation.
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