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Message Subject The New Moon has been sighted in Israel. Rosh Hashana begins at sundown
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Radnarg, You are connected to a Satanic source posing as a benevolent source. Your source or creator is almighty God as he reveals himself in his Holy Word, the Bible. Stop being duped and following Satan. We are created. Our body, soul and spirit were "breathed into" us by God, just like when God breathed into Adam' nostrils the "breath of lives".

Only the Godhead is Eternal - Only the Father,Son and Holy Spirit existed before creation, and had no beginning. The Godhead is self-existant, we aren't. Sure, our souls don't die, we go on existing forever now that we're created. You have a choice where to spend eternity. Oh, and an immortal body will be given to you at the resurrection. So, you can either spend body,soul and spirit in God's presence or with Satan, the fallen angels and the anit-christ. It's your choice.

Yes, man was given authority over creation; you are right.
 Quoting: Morganite

On that immortal body, NO. The rest of your post is lovely. If you show up on the mansion worlds you get a new body but its not immortal. The immortal body is the spirit form and its a long time getting there on that one. But the bodies are earth are learning to "resurrect" which means self repair more and more so that life on this world will become longer. The junk dna is connecting, and new organs are beginning to forum.

Resurrection is not understood on this world at all, the teaching is terrible. It has been the confused world left by the removed Lucifer 2000 years ago, and then the removal of Satan early this past century. with alll the new information coming in, and the black thugs opposing it, there is even greater confusion.

After the 3 Days of Darkness, and I can tell by your faith you will be "left behind" we will provide the truth. Left behind is a good thing, as these ones are more ready to hear. The thugs will be gone so not to confuse matters more.

Our souls are immortal from conception, where one is created an angel or arises out of the evolutionary process. We cannot die, except if eternal life is rejected and then the soul is uncreated. There is no being saved, that is a total lie. You have been saved since your creation. Only rejection of eternal life can change that.

the bodies on this planet will eventually last as long as needed, but this is ot and never well be a planet that anyone would live for eternity on. You will be progressed to higher and higher forms during the ascending journey. All animal/plant source beings have to drop the matter over a long time of forming the lighted self. It is not instant. the Morontial soul requires a body, until all karma is cleared.

Let me explain this a bit. While your mind, is non physical, it does require a storage system, a hard drive of sorts just to make use of the computer. The animal origin being (I am one of those by the way and I have taken the ascension journey to paradise and thus know of what I speak), stores his knowledge on electrons. Your astral form is of electrons in fact. It is the you that survives death. electrons can each hold up to 3 G's of information.

Now electrons store any old shit. And they also store the directions that run the body too. Even your pets have astral forms which store what they know and how their bodies work. Anyone who has seen their pet after its death, this is what is seen. It is not a ghost of your pet, it is your pet, its astral form, its real.

Now mind also stores knowledge on photons, REAL KNOWLEDGE> the photon (LIGHT), does not store any old shit, nor does it store the directions to run a body.

Now as you learn actual truth, it becomes stores on PHOTONS. eventually when you have no more shit, your form is all photons, the light body. All those directions to run a body are gone too, and WOW you are now and ENERGY BEING and you have an ENERGY FORM, not an animal form. This requires many life times. It is of nature. You cannot change that.

Now the Father Within, is a fragment of Father/SOURCE/Prime Creator, are words used. The Father Fragment shows up EARLY in ones evolution usually, and it this piece of Fathers MIND< has truth stored ONLY on PHOTONS. So it cannot give you anything but truth and it serves as a portal to all that IS.

Its your thinking cap and it does not come until the being is thinking. Right now on earth, some animals are receiviing one. IF you have a pet that seems almost human...... they are candidates to start the human journey and there are angels who specialize in moving the animal soul into human bodies. And then that is usually when the father fragment shows up then, but sometimes its now showing up in cats, dogs , elephants..... etc. If it does, that animal is now human. And it will leave this plane pretty soon afterwards, because it really needs a bigger brain and hands.

Now, most people on worlds at this level, don't truly under stand eternal life. They have it of course, but they don't understand it. On this world, MOST Do not yet have any true god consciousness, 5d consciousness. They do not understand how Father lives within their minds/souls. Father or God is still up there in the sky some place and is seen as a big boss who will send them to hell if they aren't good children. RUBBISH.

Organic MIND takes a long time to perfect beloveds and Jesus taught that and its not in your bible. He taught reincarnation, the having of many experiences to challenge your mind to grow. Mind does not grow if not challenged. Most people on this plane do not equate their Mind is being their soul, but what else would survive the death of the body?

Anyway, these ones do not understand eternity and all under go evolution of their minds/souls until they know enough and begin to manifest God. Then they can make a consciousness decision to truly become eternal, or toss in the rag. If they toss in the rag, they are uncreated. They rejected eternal life.

Some do not want to live eternally. It requires great growth and experience and they want only a silly easy heaven.

So any way, when their knowledge, desire and Intelligence is suffience, the lower mind, that mind full of electrons, combines with the Father Fragment. by then they have long been communicating with it, hearing it in meditation etc. They have a real concept of the COMMITTMENT required to be a full son of god. before then, they are faith sons, but when the time comes they are KNOWING SONS, and well into 6d Consciousness level, they finally are capable of making "an informed choice" about eternity. They have clearned a lot of karma too, but they still carry a lot of electron storage, but a lot more photons now too. So there by willing choice of eternal life, a merger of their lower mind/soul, with that very Father. When this happens while incarnate in a body of this sort, the body is consumed, and if anyone sees this, it looks like they took a chariot to heaven. Those some of those chariot stories in the OT.

They go thus to heaven, without going thru the miserable death of the current body. Fusion in body will cause a fire. This is why in some cases, no body is found after a fire. There is NOTHING left of the body. Most of the time, the candidate is however elevated above the ground so there is no fire, by angels.
This is one of the reasons for people that folks know are wonderful people who just disappear never to be heard from again. This is not however the most common reason for such disappearance yet on this world. But a body will never be found. Photons are high energy beloveds. You know that.

Now, being written into the book of life, IS this Fusion. For many here, this is their ascension. Many will not make it this time, because of the confusion on this world, they will make it another time, in another body.

One you have consciously chosen eternal life, and this event occurs, you are no long a faith son of God. You are now an actual son of God, because your soul /mind and your father fragment have been made ONE.

You are however not a perfected being yet, there is much more to learn, and this new version of you still requires a body for experience and when you show up where you belong if you do this hear, you get another body but it is not permanent yet either.

You will go thru many bodies, each of less density, less material before you stand in your spirit form, your eternal form.

Because of the ascension of this world the removing of tis world from the dark owners, life will return to how it was and make progress. It will become longer. Even your animals lives will be longer and they will be healthier.

The bodies used on this world will last longer because they become self repairing, instead of wearing out. There is an interesting article I have on my website by another with some teaching I added.

It explains the new organs that are forming even now and those of us here from the highest heaven, Havona/Paradise, borrow these bodies so we can work here, (a type of incarnation) and we demonstrate also this process of hooking the junk dna. I have hooked mine to 24 strands. I cannot go above that and still serve in this form here. I would be invisible. the body would vibrate outside the eyes of this realm to discern.

I have the new organs described in this piece. the "resurrected body" is a regenerating body. It can serve me a long time here but when I am done, it goes to the grave. I am a spirit being and I have a spirit form which cannot be IN a body of earth. It am connected thru the silver cord thingy, which is like a fiber optic cable to this body. My spirit form would destroy the body if I tried to enter it. Same as when fusion occurs the body is consumed. Nothing left. I obviously cannot work here under those circumstances. so we incarnate which is not a accurate word for those of us with spirit forms, but its all I have to use. As DNA hooks on this planet and the regenerating body becomes the more normal form here, those not yet spirits will be able to move into the body, some are. It means your astral form can inhabit the body, on this world most astral forms (your real you) are separate from the body. some are now merging with the body.

[link to abundanthope.net]
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