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Message Subject Contact Your Alien/Channeling For You
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would definatly believe the inception type concept. I know the science behind the brain making decisions before we are aware of our concious deciscion.

I would like to speed it up. Ineed to learn more about the world around me. I need to protect my soulmate.

I also have had the feeling of growing wings in the near future. On both side of my back just below the shoulders are two patchs of skin that i can feel consantly and they both are in the same shape across from one another.

Its been randomly suggested to me by others, on several occasion. The original idea of wings came from my fiance. Ever since then i get strong sensations once in a while, and a strong desire to stretch out the wings that i dont physically have. Any ideas?
 Quoting: Lazurak

WHOA! Did you catch that? Was it you who said you needed to protect your soulmate, or was it your follower? Wow. I can't believe I caught that. Do you know who your soulmate is? Perhaps she is a female reptilian? Hmm?

It is your job to pick out these things, and to notice that they are not your thoughts, but theirs!

Wings! You must be royal. I bow down to you, then. White reptilians with wings are known to be royal/upperclass. My Seraph is also like this. Maybe we can be friends.
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