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Message Subject Contact Your Alien/Channeling For You
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My name is Alisha, female, 35, Tn.
I have a "shadow man" who appears every now and then.
First time he was a tall, pale, black haired hottie who walked up to my door.
When I got to the door he was gone but a black cat was there sitting then took off.
Last time I was in bed with my then boyfriend and was drifting asleep.
I saw him again and he sneered "She is mine!"
He then started pulling me off the bed and I woke my boyfriend screaming to grab a hold of me.
This could be a figment of my imagination I know but something tells me it is not.
Who is he and why does he intentionally scare me?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21037010

Oh wow. He is definitely a follower, as I call them.
He has taken "claim" over you. This is what male reptilians do, when they find a mate. He wants you to be his, and his only. This is what most of them think.

He scares you to assert dominance over you.
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