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Message Subject Contact Your Alien/Channeling For You
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My name is Alisha, female, 35, Tn.
I have a "shadow man" who appears every now and then.
First time he was a tall, pale, black haired hottie who walked up to my door.
When I got to the door he was gone but a black cat was there sitting then took off.
Last time I was in bed with my then boyfriend and was drifting asleep.
I saw him again and he sneered "She is mine!"
He then started pulling me off the bed and I woke my boyfriend screaming to grab a hold of me.
This could be a figment of my imagination I know but something tells me it is not.
Who is he and why does he intentionally scare me?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21037010

Oh wow. He is definitely a follower, as I call them.
He has taken "claim" over you. This is what male reptilians do, when they find a mate. He wants you to be his, and his only. This is what most of them think.

He scares you to assert dominance over you.
 Quoting: BeccaElaineNichols

thank you!
That was a decade ago, I am married now and I haven't seen him since then.
So maybe he gave up?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21037010

Well, he has given up, but he still keeps tabs.
He wants to know how you're doing, by the way. He's also insanely jealous of your husband.
 Quoting: BeccaElaineNichols

Tell him I am fine and not to be jealous or to cause problems for my husband and I.
Tell him if he quits trying to scare me we can still hang out in the dreamworld and be friends = )
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