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Message Subject Contact Your Alien/Channeling For You
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Tell him I am fine and not to be jealous or to cause problems for my husband and I.
Tell him if he quits trying to scare me we can still hang out in the dreamworld and be friends = )
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21037010

He growls at the word friends. Lol.
 Quoting: BeccaElaineNichols

Ok we can be more than friends there in the dreamworld but not here in this reality.
Tell him to chill out lol my laid back persona doesn't like to feel forced or scared.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21037010

Oh, he likes that.
He'd be willing to keep it just in the dream world. It doesn't count if he doesn't exist, right?
He's chilling. Next to you.
 Quoting: BeccaElaineNichols

You know I rather think the dreamworld is real at times, just on another plane of reality.
It does count to me(I want him to know that) but it isn't interfering with this reality so it's ok.
I was told before from a psychic friend that I actually leave my body during dreams and it is there that I travel into other dimensions to learn what will happen in this reality.
I don't know how right or wrong that is but I do believe I live in other realities during dreaming and they are as real as this one is.
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