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Message Subject UFO War: Chinese and US
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
With as crazy as things are these days, anything is possible. But this is like a formal press release that didn't come from anybody isn't it? If some body wrote "here I was in my sailing vessel off the coast when I saw all these military ships, and a sailor on one told me "it's aliens, get out of here!" maybe I'd believe it happened. But it's like a pre-packaged news story without any witnessess ( or maybe I didn't pay enough attention), oh and the "don't ask any questions or you might get killed" bit...right... I'm fine with taking somebody at their word, but not taking somebody who is taking somebody, who is taking somebody else at their word. I'm calling BS, mostly out of frustration ;) any NEW Info ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2345680

I can't find anything, I have come to the conclusion that it is disinformation but the good news is Warehouse 13 is on the syfi channel and it is the start of a new season. Disinfo but fun, better than political disinfo any day
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