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Paranormal Experience Episode 1 - Terra Vista Cemetery

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User ID: 23801558
United States
09/17/2012 11:30 PM
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Paranormal Experience Episode 1 - Terra Vista Cemetery

This is the first episode of Paranormal Experience. For this episode, we explore and investigate one of the most haunted places in Ohio, Terra Vista Cemetery. Experience all the moments and events that take place. We arrive at Terra Vista around 7 pm. We don't end up leaving until 9:30, and we had to walk back down the long hill with flashlights because it was pitch black. The investigation included two EVP sessions, and exploring different areas of the cemetry that people claimed to be haunted.


I heard strange noises on various ocausins while I was there. We captured evidence of real EVPs and we have the footage to go right along with it. Our walkie talkies would not power off, no matter how many times we press the power off button. Some kind of way, something up there made both me and Joe's walkie talkies lock. I felt like something was walking up behind me at one point when it was dark outside at Terra Vista. A lot of paranormal things were going on. I sitdown and review all the audio and video, and show you the proof, and let you have a Paranormal Experience.