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Message Subject The most stunning footage of UFO
Poster Handle CalmShock
Post Content
It obviously doesn't SEEM menacing since it's just floating there and flashing its lights. Almost as if it's making an effort to be seen... not to mention it keeps returning.

By the looks of the design though, it looks similar to our own conventional craft with a cockpit at the front and what look like wings. The design would suggest it spends more time in an atmosphere being aerodynamic, then what you might expect from a spacecraft (spherical). Also, the lighting on the craft was stationary unlike what we've seen on other UFOs.

I'm thinking this is human technology, but then the question is why would they try to make it so visible?
 Quoting: CalmShock

You're right, its human technology. its a fucking boat.

[link to www.alcione.org]
 Quoting: valenn

I looked through the info on the link you provided and although I see SOME similarities with the cruise ships, it's far from anything that sells it completely.
If it was a cruise ship, then it was facing shore. Cruise ships don't anchor at sea, and especially when they are coming in to port... So in the time during which the footage was taken, the ship would become more and more visible as it came closer. ALSO, if it was a ship, why weren't the lights on when it was dark and they only came on once it became light out?

Nothing in the link you provided is concrete proof, not to mention someone went to an amazing amount of trouble to put all that "evidence" together... (A tubualar inflation kite?!? Come on... that's fucking ridiculous)
In my opinion, smoke and mirrors, which sort of lends weight to the argument this could be a man made anti gravity vehicle and some people are trying to discredit the evidence.
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