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Message Subject The most stunning footage of UFO
Poster Handle CalmShock
Post Content
Ok, so everybody share their real UFO experiences now. I know you saw them. I know they are up there. UFOs are real. Share! I think someone has seen something. ufo56cheer
 Quoting: WindyMind

I saw a streak of black smoke maybe 300-400 feet off the ground in broad daylight. I thought it was a plane crashing so i told my GF to go get a camera... I stared at it for a good 15-20 seconds without seeing anything coming out of the smoke, then all of a sudden i saw a fireball ignite at one end of the streak. I thought the plane had exploded and was crashing down... Next thing I see is a fireball, travelling away from me at INSANE speed, then it makes a 90 degree turn to the left and headed over the mountains.... When it turned, the tail coming off this thing must have been hundreds of yards long.

After it was gone, the black streak of smoke stayed in the same spot for over an hour. I have a picture of the smoke somewhere...
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