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Message Subject The most stunning footage of UFO
Poster Handle MotherfuckerJones
Post Content
work of this website [link to www.alcione.org]

is said to be the one debunked the videos.

i dont know any shit about ufos. im not one of those ufo chasers or nayers. but what is itchy in this website is that all these workes done and broadcasted on the website must have take both some times and time. these works are conducted by Cap. Alejandro Franz
Director de ALCIONE which makes him non turkish citizen.(probably spanish or u.s citizen)

why would someone go to a third world country which is miles and miles away from his homeland and spent many many days(which seems so) and money of course

just to debunk a hippi scum shit ,ufo sighting videos recorded a few years ago?

who and how would conduct such OPERATION?sherlock
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