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Message Subject When/If TSHTF, if you have the ability to stay away from cities, don't underestimate...ATTN PREPPERS
Poster Handle Wash
Post Content
Lucky you!

I seen deer, turkey crossing my 2 acres......but huge trailer park down the road really worrying me in case of SHTF.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23922342

Sounds like a little competition for those deer and turkeys.
You need a plan B.
 Quoting: Wash

I suspect that trailer park will go after my place.....before they will think of deer or turkey.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23922342

I suspect your right.
Scary thought.
I'm greatful for what I have. Our cabin has 4 bedrooms, woodstove, good sized loft upstairs.
Our garden is about 20 x 20 feet, lots of great produce there this year. Panrty is full of dry goods (rice, pasta, soups, KD, canned milk)I have 4 cord of dry wood and about 2 cord that's not fully dry. I think I've planned pretty well.
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