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Message Subject When/If TSHTF, if you have the ability to stay away from cities, don't underestimate...ATTN PREPPERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some of you (like me) have places to get to away from populated areas. Some of you are good woodsmen and women. Hunters etc...Prepers.

Even if you have all your preps in order. Land to grow food. Protection. Hunting and fishing gear. Gas and stabilizer. Everything you could think of to keep you and your family going strong when/if TSHTF, never underestimate the value of a pack of hounds. The more the merrier.

I have 2 beagles, a 7 year old female with 7 good years in the woods tracking, and a 1 year old pup who has been in the woods a great number of hours since she was 8 weeks old.

I'll try to get at least 2 more if TSHTF. Together as part of your family they offer hunting companionship, protection, an alert system, and a 1st line of defense. If you treat them well they'll always be there for you.

If you can, get some hounds.
 Quoting: Wash

I've had beagles and they are barkers, I guess like most hounds.

I guess if you can train them to be quiet when you need them to be it'll be ok.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1165448

Tough to train them not to howl, but typically there is a reason for it.
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