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Message Subject When/If TSHTF, if you have the ability to stay away from cities, don't underestimate...ATTN PREPPERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Climate change will end your delusions of growing food and harvesting game. Not to mention you have got to feed your animals as well, if they do no succumb to the climate changes, pollution, et al.

Also, a small population of people will wipe country sides clean of small and large animals in short order. Louis and Clarks' small party wiped out large and small game animals on the north west coast 2 days walk around their camp in part of a one fall and one winter.

If it were not for the natives in the area bringing them food, they would have starved to death.

You are forgetting the population in this country is 300 million. You really think all those living in large cities are just going to sit in their rooms and starve without moving into the country side? You really think you will somehow be able to 'hide' where you are?

In the past, large numbers of people walked from the east to the west across this country in relatively short order.

Is there a road to your house? Hard to hide food and shelter with a road leading right to it.

But, its good to dream and it sounds like you got it already, that is awesome, enjoy it, cause it aint gonna last forever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

Please note: I'm not in America. I live in Canada, a much larger country with VAST areas of untouched wilderness and wild game. Our population is only around 32 million. So, although I agree that the U.S. may not be suited for wilderness survival in many areas, Canada is in many areas.
 Quoting: Wash

Good point, mine is not pessimism, it is reality. The US is a time bomb, not just because of population, but geographical issues.

The New Madrid fault, west coast faults, volcanoes, drought, climate change. Any combination of those would displace millions of people, cripple transportation and on and on.

The US is balanced on the edge of a knife in so many ways, people here who think they can prep their way through what is going to happen here are largely, fooling themselves.

They would be better off pooling their supplies with other groups, by land New Zealand, Canada, Australia wilderness and moving there.

That is what the so called "Elites" in the US are doing, and with good reason.

Part of prepping is looking at the facts how they are WHERE you are, not romantically thinking 100 million US Citizens can "live off the land" in some nearby national Park.

Or thinking that your cabin in one of those parks is "safe" because it takes you 2 hours to get there from a city with a population of millions of people.

It is laughable.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

Provided you are reasonably intelligent and know what you are doing, you are certainly much better off being prepared for what is most likely to come. How can there be discussion about that ?

But I do agree that cooperation is very important. There is no doubt about that either, it seems to me. You've got to be a bit realistic - as you are pointing out.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25537363

I agree we need to be prepared. Some in the US have turned it into a game of who can die with the most preps. Or spend tons of money on gear and could not walk a mile downhill without gassing out.

I am all for prepping. You live in a city and want to learn what you need to survive? Spend 48 hours, one weekend, with your power and water shut of and ZERO trips out of your house for anything.

You will learn more about what you need than reading all the books ever written on the subject.

After you got the 48 hour thing done and prepped from what you learned, then take it to a week, then a month.

Then, learn how you will get out of town, on foot, if you cannot stay, if you are not strong enough to do that, then you need to plan accordingly.

That is fundamental prepping and LIVING in general.
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