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Message Subject When/If TSHTF, if you have the ability to stay away from cities, don't underestimate...ATTN PREPPERS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think we can look at it this way.

If society collapses to the degree that all those preppers rejoice and know they were right all long and are very glad to have spent a good part of their lives just prepping, then we might consider there will be, roughly speaking, two layers or two parts in society: those who will try to survive by taking from those weaker than themselves (whatever they want, or think they need) which will necessitate it goes without saying the use of brutal violence and an absence of scruples or a moral conscience ; and those who will try to keep up and together some sort of society with as high a degree of civilization as possible, using their own skills, resources, and stores, and trying to cooperate with other people in an optimal way. Needless to say, there won't be Christians worth speaking in the first category.

Of course, these two categories will be less easily recognizable in real life, there will be many people difficult to categorize.
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