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Message Subject In the past we had real monarchs that get rid of the threat of Islam but now....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Many people think of Dracula as the vampire who is to be feared from the movies. However, Count Vlad III Dracula was a real person. He actually drank the blood of his enemies. He was entirely evil. He had been the victim of the Islamic way of life from his father's dhimmini position under the Islamic regime of Turkey. Turkey was on its way to conquering Europe for Allah. They were indeed savage and determined to destroy or subjugate all of the occupants of Europe under the Islamic banner.

Count Dracula reportedly converted to Islam to obtain admittance into the Ottoman's capital. He did this in order to determine the weakness of this empire. He had already become a Catholic and had made a commitment to the Holy See to prevent the influx of Islam into Romania, Transylvania and Count Dracula's abode of Wallachia. Once he had many thousands of Muslims impaled and as the armies from Turkey appeared, they saw the bodies lined up with blood dripping and they retreated. This was even too much for the blood thirty Muslims who championed the beheadings of people Muslim or non-Muslim.

The Quran santioned the beheadings of all non-Musl;ims (Sura 8:12) The Catholic Church used Dracula to prevent a take over of the region by the Turkish Muslims armies.

[link to www.islamreview.com]
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