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Message Subject The Roswell Alien footage - What's going on? (VIDEO)
Poster Handle Butt Pincher
Post Content
This isn't from Roswell. This has been floating on the internet already for a while, with several GLP threads about it. The footage was originally released as secret KGB footage from the Soviets. Now this guy is repackaging it as US Roswell footage?

 Quoting: Babylonís Rebel

Cool some more footage there, interesting stuff!

Whats your take on it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24323739

You do realize the shear man hours and money $$$$ it would take to fake this right?.. For what motive?.. For what return on investment?.. Just like the crop circles.. no sane motive or return for the fake production.. Using common sense and logic.. this is more likely very real.
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