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Message Subject Is Mercury (planet) alien to our solar system?
Poster Handle Meggarea
Post Content
So, because of the high levels of magnesium and sulfur on the surface of Mercury we can speculate that it didn't originate with the rest of the planets of our solar system. Rogue planet that got sucked into the orbit of the sun and has been chilling here ever sense... I wonder where it came from. *hmmmmm*
 Quoting: Se7en

While this may be possible, with the amount of data we currently have, this is a leap of logic worthy of Ancient Aliens. Sure, it's possible, but is there any evidence other than the planet's somewhat odd composition? I would postulate that the difference in composition of the surface elements could just as likely be caused by the extreme heat and pressure Mercury is exposed to constantly. Or maybe it's Hell. Perhaps it's an alien space station, and the chemicals are used to protect it from the heat. Could be a LOT of things. Could be none of these things. We can't know unless we go there, and I for one am not planning to volunteer for that particular mission, thanks.
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