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I posted this response on another thread also.

Here's a really good hint to determine the plausibility (or actuality) of this claim. Check your foreign (middle eastern) neighbors, co-workers, convenience store workers/owners you see on a regular basis. Have they left, or are they suddenly leaving? Yes? Then something's up.

Our Arab neighbor packed up his Jordanian wife and 3 U.S.-born anchor children and sent them away about a month ago. We think back to Jordan. And in the last 2 weeks, we've had 2 middle-eastern (I believe from Iran) employees quit at the semi-conductor company I work for. One gave a week's notice, one just didn't show up one day, sent an email that he quit, and that was that. And finally, the convenience store we run to late at night for ice cream or a Coke has these 3 ME guys who are always there. We haven't seen them in about a month or so. They've been there for at least the 9 years my wife and I have gone to that store.
 Quoting: Writemeaticket Red

UUHH..wait a minute..the owner of a Persian market left and it has a different owner now...and name..thats only one out of 5...ill check the others..see..after 12 years i thought it odd...
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