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Wow, I can't believe something this urgent has no responses.

Probably your thread title OP...the title didn't reference doom so nobody opened it up...lol. Then it got buried in the hundreds of pages.

No but seriously, thank you OP for the heads up. I do not doubt any of your information. I can sense all the peril that's upon us and things much worse than we've seen about to happen.

I sense a foreboding...the urgency of what is and what is to come. And I have this very uneasy feeling that what is coming, is going to make all past-time events in our lifetime (including 911) look like a Sunday picnic.

Please OP, if you have anymore details or you receive more intel later, please let us know. I can't speak for others, but I very much appreciate you giving us this heads up and will do as much prepping that I possibly can for what is coming. I'm not taking any chances.

I hope others read your thread and prepare. You are not the only one saying that there is something coming and WW3 is beginning. Too many sources with basically the same intel, for me to ignore.

Oh and I live 5 min from Kingsley Field Air Base, which houses the Joint Armed Forces Reserve Center. I will pay close attention to any increased activity at the AF reserve base and the ANG. I have noticed some increase with the Air Base the last few days, but haven't seen much activity for the Army NG.

I have been hearing from others that family members and friends have been called up the last few days. But I don't personally know anyone who is currently military.

I'll post here if I notice anything from base here. You OP, please keep us updated.

Take care, be safe
 Quoting: Nika

OK. you wonder why others are not all 'up in arms' and screaming AHHHHH!?

because many like me have been watching world events for over 20 yrs . IN the early 90's there were many financial gurus saying that the markets made no sense and that the FED was secretly injecting money to stablize the markets. ..

so ,..now...we have evidence of yet another POSSIBLE DOOM DAY...but...the odds are that nothing major will happen...

likely. :

obama wins the election...although very close call.

no martial law ...nada for years to come maybe 4 more years of this bullshit dragging on...into socialism.

Israel attacks Iran...and the U.S. stays out of it for the most part.

Oil goes to 150 a barrel and stays there. Gas goes to 5.50.

economy gets worse, but no major doom...just slows down further

food prices go up. riots in third world countries..a few more wars break out besides the conflict with Iran/israel...which kinda fizzles.

gold goes to 2000...

Euro goes the way of the dollar and people just get used to not having much money. ...dreary world.

collaps likely still 3-4 yrs away
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19932676

What planet are you on? In 4 years gas goes to $5.50 and gold to $2000? Have you not been watching the markets just this month? Gold jumped $100 over the weekend 2 weeks ago and then $80 right after QE3 was announced. Gas is over $4 right now. What you are talking about will happen by early 2013 not 4 years. You sir, are an optomist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5353660

The above reply is accurate in its predictions.

The price of gold is already at $1,763.00 per ounce and the price of silver is again close to $35.00 ($34.46) per ounce.

[link to www.cnbc.com]

So, it would not be unreasonable to expect to see $2,000.00 per ounce of gold and $50.00 per ounce of silver (again) before Christmas of this year.
 Quoting: Biochemky

Well duh.. We have been stealing gold from the Middle east!!!
In 2000 Saddam imported a crapload of gold and was going to attempt to create an African currency backed by gold then accept only that currency for oil.
So we killed him.
Gadaffi did the same thing.. was going to require gold dinars for oil purchases and try to make it an African currency.
Now Iran is importing an unglodly amount of gold from turkey...
Gee, wonder where we are going next.
Anyone watching the gold exchanges for Syria or word on what currency they expect for selling their oil and commodities?

The gvt is confiscating gold in the US via coin grabs. Bars are being found stuffed with tungsten.....

Now suddenly there are some rupubs setting up a commission to look into creating a gold standard?
Wake up and smell the java, people.
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