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Hey guys I'm the original truth that posted these two thread:

Thread: World War 3

Thread: This is a follow up to my last post (World War 3)

Inactive Reserve and Reservist or being put on active duty for homeland watch. If you don't believe me watch the wave of inactive and active reserve forces getting activated to full on active duty before the second week of October. If any of you guys live by Reserve bases or Major Military installations post to this thread if you see any increase of activity.

Look, the U.S. is playing chess with the world right now. Look at China and Japan. The U.S. is behind the whole incident. Japan helps the U.S. to buy time to deal with the immediate threat of the Russian/Iranian front. Without China being distracted the strategy fails. Israel is the sacrifice to an invasion of Iran, shifting to China from both side, then up to Russia.

Obama will remain president, Romney is just for show to give the people hope that we still have an option of leadership. It's all bs! People listen, you really need to stock up on supplies within the next 3-4 weeks. Before Israel attack Iran next month something major is going to happen in the U.S. that will give Israel full American support. I don't know what this event is but its coming. The monster is out of the bag, Iran is patiently waiting.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22969758

I'm sure this ties in....perfect timing.
Thread: U.S. lifts 26-year old ban on New Zealand warship visits to U.S. bases......INTERESTING TIMING!

OP, please chime in.
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