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Message Subject A word to rioting Muslims (Pat Condell)
Poster Handle TDJ
Post Content
play this at the local mosque...that'll get em all riled up and they'll have another hissy fit. Quite frankly I never had a problem with Islam or any other religion as long as it didn't try to infringe or belittle my faith. My faith gets made fun of all the time and I don't take offense know why? My faith teaches me that if God is offended and wants vengance or retribution..."Vengeance is his alone..."

The nutjobs we see acting out like this should just be honest and say why they really do the things they do, it's not about religous sensitivities or what not, they are simply using that to mask their hate of others that are different from them, plain and simple. I could at least respect their position if they were honest and upfront about it, but they can't even do that and that makes them cowards and not worth one ounce of respect or worth one moment of listening to.
 Quoting: godzilla85


You are exactly right. They need to cool it like my masked buddy above
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