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Everybody that loves God and Jesus..... Let's take a peek!!!l

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09/20/2012 08:52 PM
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Everybody that loves God and Jesus..... Let's take a peek!!!l
link to www.sda-online.com

link to www.yhwh.com

So I know many of you don't care to read about this kind of topic but I find it very interesting. Hopefully, most of you will be respectful to those who have differences in opinion and are open to what anyone has to say NO MATTER how much the information someone puts out irritates you. Now moving on, I understand the ORIGINAL language of the bible was Hebrew.(When I speak about the ORIGINAL bible or ORIGINAL language of the bible I mean the Torah or TANAKH.) Many Christians like to praise JESUS when JESUS can't even be translated to Yeshua or Yahshua. First off, the name JESUS derived from Latin and Greek meaning IESOUS (Hail Zeus) in Greek, as for Latin Jesus is Zeus's name .

askdrbrown.org... eally-a-pagan-corruption-of-the-name-zeus

Furthermore, if Jesus could be translated to Yeshua or Yahshua then that would mean our Messiah is Zeus and that part of God's name is Zeus which it is NOT. The sacred name of our God of Israel is Yahweh. Our Fathers full name is YOD HEY VAV HEY. When you pronounce his name it should sound something like this yood (like a long "u " sound) hey wav hey. Also, if you look in scripture Yahweh tells us that his son will have his name in him. (hint hint Yeshua or Yahsua)


Now if you are asking the question, how does this make it PAGAN, that's because when the ORIGINAL bible was translated to Greek many words could not be translated from the ORIGINAL Hebrew text. So therefor they added in words and phrases as they pleased including, IESOUS or IESUS or what ever you want to call it to be politically correct. (Either way it means Hail Zeus) This being said they used Greek "mythology" names of Goddesses to substitute some of the names which is used in ORIGINAL texts. Ancient Rome also added in ancient holidays and rituals to that of the ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY. Ancient Christians were the gentiles who believed in Yahshua as their Lord and savior, not JESUS. They believed in Messianic Judaism.

As for who was the main culprit of it all, I would have to say that would have to go to many of the leaders of Ancient Rome including some key figures I would like to mention: Constatine, Julius Ceasar, and the Pharisees. Anyways, I don't feel like adding in anymore information. So I'm going to close this off with a link which will direct you to a youtube video called "Pagan Christianity". I encourage those of you who are opened to the truth to watch it. Shalom

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United States
09/21/2012 04:58 PM
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Re: Everybody that loves God and Jesus..... Let's take a peek!!!l
bump That was helpful info.