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Message Subject Child Prostitute connects Sandusky to pedophile ring - names names!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These Pedophile networks are a powerful network heavily entrenched in political, legal, and "intelligence" organizations.

The "Department of Justice" is virtually completely controlled by the Pedophiles.

Churches, Religious organizations, you name it and you will find a Pedophile crime element of some degree.

The "Cloud" internet service is being heavily used and controlled by the Pedophiles, and Psychopaths.

This is where they exchange their "kiddi porn" and it is dispersed through thousands of computers using a matrix dot program and algorithm.

"Enterprise" is one of the malignancies associated with the East Coast pedophile network.

If you use the cloud, you are participating and financing these Pedophile Networks.

Sandusky is just one of the many hordes of malignants.
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