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Ron Paul supporters will love this statement

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24151768
United States
09/20/2012 11:57 PM
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Ron Paul supporters will love this statement
“Yeah, it’s interesting…the former head of Goldman Sachs, John Whitehead, was also the former head of the New York Federal Reserve. And I met with him, and he said as soon as the Fed stops buying all the debt that we’re issuing—which they’ve been doing, the Fed’s buying like three-quarters of the debt that America issues. He said, once that’s over, he said we’re going to have a failed Treasury auction, interest rates are going to have to go up.

"We’re living in this borrowed fantasy world, where the government keeps on borrowing money. You know, we borrow this extra trillion a year, we wonder who’s loaning us the trillion? The Chinese aren’t loaning us anymore. The Russians aren’t loaning it to us anymore. So who’s giving us the trillion? And the answer is we’re just making it up. The Federal Reserve is just taking it and saying, “Here, we’re giving it.’ It’s just made up money, and this does not augur well for our economic future."

- Mitt Romney

Romney is onto the Federal Reserve!

User ID: 1129812
United States
09/21/2012 02:01 AM
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Re: Ron Paul supporters will love this statement
And...it NEVER occurred to you that this might have been planned?

Let me walk you through some things.

1. Ron Paul's main platform was to "end the fed."
2. Ron Paul developed a HUGE following from the Occupy Movements and the Tea Party folks which got them off the streets in protest, and regained faith back into the system.
3. Ron Paul sells out and cashes in while pulling delegates away from any opposition to Romney.
4. Ron Paul meets with Ben Bernanke
5. Rand Paul endorses MITT ROMNEY and sells Ron Paul's email lists to the Romney Campaign.
6. Mitt Romney begins using the "End the Fed Platform."

You need to pay attention more often...

[link to blogs.wsj.com]

[link to www.dailypaul.com]

[link to www.washingtontimes.com]

You two party people are so easily played that its downright painful to watch...

Last Edited by Serenity777 on 09/21/2012 02:02 AM
watching the "run up" to the elections and the "hopes and dreams" that are built as a result is like watching a dead mouse that is still able to make his exercise wheel go around because his nerves are still twitching that familiar motion...