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Subject Obama Can "Change DC From The Outside", from his $35Mil Beachfront Hawaiian Mansion!
Poster Handle PravdaDemocrat
Post Content
That Penny Pritzker is paying for....

MUSLIMS MURDER AMERICANS! ...Obama apologizes to Muslims... Lies to Americans.

MUSLIMS ATTACK US EMBASSIES! ...Obama attacks Mitt Romney... Heads for Vegas.

US ECONOMY FAILING! ...Obama attacks Paul Ryan... Skips budget meetings.

MILLIONS OUT OF WORK! ...Obama blames Republicans... Chuckles about shovel-ready jobs..

16 TRILLION NATIONAL DEBIT! ...Obama blames Bush... Goes on Letterman show.

GASOLINE PRICES SOARING! ...Obama blames corporations... Gives taxpayer BILLIONS to Brazil.

US CREDIT RATING DOWNGRADED! ...Obama blames banks... Heads out for golf.

IRAN GOING NUCLEAR! ...Obama snubs Netanyahu ... Meets with fake pirate.

Vote American This Time, will ya?
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