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Nibiru is EARTH

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/23/2012 03:05 AM
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Re: Nibiru is EARTH
The Planet of Crossings is Earth, when it passes through the Galactic Meridian and flips it's polarity (Not a physical Pole shift, though that may also occur, but a Spiritual Pole Shift. From the "Underworld" rising into the "Heavens.")

The Annunaki are the remnants of prior ages who were mighty men of old, men of Reknown who fell from Spirit Earth to Material Earth last time we crossed.
 Quoting: William_the_Bloody

Since the current age, we've been harvesting and collecting Gold to throw up into our atmosphere during the time of Crossing to deflect certain eminations from the Galactic Core. Chemtrails? Gold dust or some sort of compound.

UFOs are not Aliens. They are plasma shields for spiritual beings from the Heavens that allow them to interact with the material world on a limited but safe basis.
 Quoting: William_the_Bloody

Very good.