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23 nuclear power plants are in tsunami risk areas

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United States
09/22/2012 07:46 AM
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23 nuclear power plants are in tsunami risk areas
September 22, 2012 – EARTH – The tsunami in Japan in March 2011 unleashed a series of negligence related with the resulting nuclear disaster. A scientific study headed by Spanish researchers has for the first time identified those atomic power plants that are more prone to suffering the effects of a tsunami. In total, 23 plants are in dangerous areas, including Fukushima I, with 74 reactors located in the east and southeast of Asia. Tsunamis are synonymous with the destruction of cities and homes and since the Japanese coast was devastated in March 2011 we now know that they cause nuclear disaster, endanger the safety of the population and pollute the environment. As such phenomena are still difficult to predict, a team of scientists have assessed ‘potentially dangerous’ areas that are home to completed nuclear plants or those under construction

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