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The entire coming war is a big hollywood script,all nations are playing there roles.

red hot and rollin
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United States
09/22/2012 11:36 AM
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The entire coming war is a big hollywood script,all nations are playing there roles.
The biggest scam and mass plan of genocide has already been planned and the sad part is all nations are aware of the game.Its the wwf on steroids and crack.The fact is the earth is suffering from the raping and destructive human element on earth.(greed)(power)and control all the wack jobs and professional politicians are like lawyers in a court room.They work together and play there roles in manipulating all those who arent in the game.The fact is if you dont go along with the game then you get removed and killed thus ending the problem and letting the next man know how its gonna go.The stage is set and the goal is wipe the world population out and create a empire for all those who commit to this agenda,which means the bullshit that is created is fear mongering and drama.However im sure trust is a big problem as will be the case in the end.It always backfires always.So when we get attacked by the other countries it wont be because they are doing it cause they are pissed off.Its because its the selling point to get every one to believe the corrupt and evil bastards who dreamed this up.But thats because those who had this big idea,have reached a conclusion that it would be better to all be one because when the second sun passes there isnt any way for certain to know there own outcome.This way they can continue to go living and having the power and riches they have always had.But that old devil is a trickster and has no intention of sharing at all.He is parked under the ground on the moon and on mars and they want to use the hadron collider to get to venus but may not be able to take all there technology with them.So they will create chaos and world war 3 and have every nation who has sworn to the new world order to take part all the while planning all the catastrophes and then blaming your bibles and god so you will be foolishly willing to embrace it.Why the hell else would you have leader of iran waltz in your country and make threats so outlandish if you did that ,well you know where you would be.They have all conspired and thats the truth!Why would the bible claim that this new world order be successful and come into fruition if it were not true.So all nations who partake will have the blood of there own people on there hands and thats when you will all see the end .I cant see how all the continued shows on our television of doom and gloom almost daily could be any thing other than a tactic to make you believe its the end.Its all bullshit created by the puppet masters of the global banks who have promised a new world with advanced technology and free energy and highly advanced building technologies that take the earth to a futuristic leap that can only be shared to those who go along with this agenda.But as in all wicked and evil plans it wont work for long,as they cant ever truly be trusted amongst each other.But they will take this to the actual level of chipping and putting people in slavery and making all take a ritual oath of a new religion that worships the one behind it all.Who the hell do you think the nazis were working with and where did they go after the war ,here.The srpent is in the royal bloodlines and in most of the worlds leadership today and you will be made to take him as your god or lose your head.It is a cosmic conspiracy and one that is happening right now ,guess for all those non believers you will find out the hard way.burn,turn and wash the cremation of care.Planet x jesus the cross its on evrything ,open your eyes they got a love of sticking it in your face along with the number 13 which represent the bloodlines and familys of the illuminatti who hold the earths hidden history and rule over you with there gods permission and in return they work to do his will.Its all true all of it.Find the one true living christ and son of the living god and get saved yashua,the jesus the light and love and salt of the earth.Be not affraid for the lord is with you and his light will shine december 25th!amen my brothers.