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Newly Released President Kennedy Tapes Show Raw View Of History

hatch battener
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United States
09/23/2012 03:00 AM
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Newly Released President Kennedy Tapes Show Raw View Of History
Secret Kennedy tapes offer 'the raw material of history'
by: KATHARINE Q. SEELYE , New York Times
September 23, 2012 - 12:01 AM

President John F. Kennedy opened the newspaper one day in 1963 and learned to his horror that military aides had built a hospital bedroom for his pregnant wife at an air base on Cape Cod in case she went into labor. He thought the $5,000 spent on the furniture was wasteful and would be a public-relations disaster that would prompt Congress to cut his military budget. The angry president picked up the phone.

First, he took a press underling to task. He demanded that the furniture be sent back and that those responsible -- including "that silly fellow who had his picture taken next to the bed" -- be transferred to Alaska...

Before hanging up, he characterized the entire episode with an expletive.

The story came straight from Kennedy himself.

Though even some of his closest aides did not know at the time, Kennedy recorded more than 260 hours of Oval Office conversations and phone calls into his Dictaphone...

In a meeting in November 1962, the president bluntly told James Webb, the NASA administrator, that putting a man on the moon was his top priority. Webb said it was more important to understand the environment of space, prompting Kennedy to say, "If we get second to the Moon, it's nice, but it's like being second anytime."

Webb pushed back, prompting Kennedy to say: "I'm not that interested in space," only in beating the Russians...

Kennedy's obsession with the Cold War extended to the athletic rivalry with the Russians over hockey. In March 1963, he called up an old friend who had played hockey in the Olympics to complain about the U.S. men's hockey team losing to Sweden, 17-2.

"Christ," the president complained. "Who are we sending over there? Girls?"...

The tapes reveal that Kennedy talked several times with his predecessors about pressing issues of the day, including with Dwight D. Eisenhower about the Cuban missile crisis...

Unlike the Nixon taping system, which was voice-activated, Kennedy's had to be started by pressing a button, so he was obviously aware that he was being recorded...

[link to www.startribune.com]

God Of Wrath
User ID: 1441196
09/23/2012 05:46 AM
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Re: Newly Released President Kennedy Tapes Show Raw View Of History
he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury,
which has been poured full strength into the
cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with
burning sulfur in the presence of the holy
angels and of the Lamb