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Civil War Is Coming

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/23/2012 09:00 PM
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Civil War Is Coming
Civil War Is Coming

Mary Dooley - 1/07/09
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream in the first week of January. I believe it was the 7th.

I was standing at a crossroads that was close to the beach, in that I could clearly see the open sky over the ocean in front of me. (I had asked God to tell me if I had any fruit before I went to sleep and had the dream and, at the crossroads where I was standing, I was next to a fruit stand. If I had to quantify the amount, I'd say it was 60% my height. I am going for the 100-fold.) To my right I could see that there was a battle in the air, as I could see the smoke from the jets. To my left, two planes that were unlike any I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few since 1988, living on or near military bases) and they were speeding at low level toward the battle. I knew in the dream that they were Turkish. They were totally black. (Turkey fell out with Israel over the Gaza war and are pushing the 0bama administration to the left, if that’s possible, concerning their support for Israel. They have also threatened Israel, if they move against the puppets of the Iranians. 0bama will align with his history and not Israel. The first nation to fall to the new Babylon one world order was Israel [Jer.25:17,18,29], which is also a type for Christianity.)

Next, from the left again, something was coming in the air. It was something big and black, with black smoke coming out from it in all directions. As it got closer, I could see something orange on the nose of it. Then I realized it was a black airship or blimp, (notice both sides are in darkness)and the orange thing on the nose was a jack-o-lantern (Halloween, Oct. 31st, Babylon’s "All Saints Day," when the Celts say the living are closest to the dead and the forces of darkness are at work), with the eyes, nose and mouth orange because the inside of the airship was on fire. As the airship passed in front of me, I saw that it was slowing down and being totally consumed internally, as the orange flames were destroying it quickly. It stopped in front of me and fell into the ocean. (There is a battle going on for the "air waves" before the physical battle. The left is floating ideas to, in effect, bring the Fairness Doctrine back under another form to shoot down the conservatives' command of the "air waves," which is about as weak as a blimp compared to what is coming. On a more natural level to follow this, blimps cannot compete with jets. They are clumsy, slow, lack power and are relics of the past for warfare. This spiritually describes the badly outmatched right-wing conservative Babylonish Christian movement that is rising up to "take the nation back" from the left wing that is in control of the military. This will be a dismal failure. Another 9/11 is coming, this time from the Left, and the blame will be put on the Right in part because so much proof is coming forward of the Bush administration's part in the first 9/11 that they will be blamed for this, too, by the 0bama administration and the left-wing media. The country is about to swing very far Left.)

I felt like I should run to higher ground because the airship was so big, and I was so close that it might cause a big wave to hit me(this will bring great persecution to the Christians), so I ran upstairs into one of the nearby, rather short buildings behind me. (Christians will no doubt need to get to the High and Holy Ground of Scriptural foundation to escape this coming disaster from the division of America. The scriptures declare that militant Christians will lose this battle badly. Listen to U.S. Covenant & Civil War) Now I knew I was on a Navy base, as I went up about one or two stories and an enlisted man in uniform was leaning back in his chair, with his hands behind his head, rather unconcerned. He was at the back end of what looked to be a small movie theatre, with the screen to my left. No one was in the room but the enlisted man who, from where he was sitting, would probably be the person running the projector. I told him what had happened and he said, “Yes, my father was on that airship”; I was surprised at how unmoved he was. (A younger left-wing generation that has rebelled against the conservative morals and constitutional respect of the forefathers will show no mercy or pity on them in the coming civil war. An antichrist spirit is sweeping the world, much like anti-Semitism during the Nazi era. A great backlash against the Christians will come from this. The Left will have complete control over the media, typed by the movie projector, to bring a worldwide persecution of Christianity. Read Sovereign God for rest and peace.)

Next, I was outside at the crossroads again. Now I could see that there was a convoy, almost like a parade, coming home from the direction of the air battle. I got the impression they were victorious, as they did not even appear tired or dirty, more like inspection-ready. They were sitting in tiers, like bleachers, that were on top of some vehicle bringing them back to the base. They were in camouflage uniform, wearing dark glasses and holding flags. (These are hiding from the truth willfully; hiding from the Son, behind patriotism.)The flags were full size and easy to see, as each person had a flag, and held it stretched out in front of him. The flags were stiff, like posters, and they were held on each end. (The flags were stiff, cheap fakes of what the real flag that was blown by the wind stood for.) Now I could see that the flags were distinctly Confederate, and the convoy was taking the curve in the road to their left. There were only two choices at this intersection, curve sharply to the left, or sharply to the right. I did not see anyone going to the right. (The conservative/religious right will lose badly.The rebels against our forefathers’ morality will win. The country will turn sharply to the left where the goats go in Jesus' parable. Like the Confederate rebels, their interest is to cast off any moral or constitutional restraint and keep black men, as a type of those who walk in darkness, or sinners, in bondage.) End of dream.

On the 11th of January I was at work. A Christian patient was about to leave, when suddenly she remembered that her teenage daughter had a dream that night. She said an angel took her into the air, where there was a tremendous air battle going on, and it was so loud and disturbing that she covered her ears, and then the angel brought her back to her bed. She then woke her mom up to tell her and was crying because it was so disturbing, and she is only 16. I told her mom about my dream.

About three days after this, I called my very good friend, Ellen. I told her that I had had a dream that I wanted to tell her. She stopped me and said she just had one, and so she told me her dream first. She said that she was caught in the middle of a war that was about to start. She said she was trying to find cover behind a house, and that the battle was about to begin, and she was trying to help a little girl find cover, too. I asked her what kind of battle -- as in modern, or something from the past. She said, “It’s a revolutionary…no, it’s a civil war.”

I believe this Civil War will escalate from the war of words over the "air" waves to physical weapons some time soon. Here is an example of the rhetoric coming from the conservatives who say guns will be needed if they fail to return the country to conservative principles. Here is an obvious indication that conservatives in the military and police will refuse to obey orders and fight. Has it already started in the military?

If you as a Christian think God has called you to fight this government, you desperately need to read The Sword or the Cross? and listen to the Honor the king? series. Many Christians are victims of neglecting their Bibles and their consciences. Remember, if a man's ways please the Lord, He makes his enemies to be at peace with him.

[link to www.ubm1.org]

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