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Message Subject Anunnaki, Nibiru created a stable genetic stock, eventually became so numerous some of us were expelled from the Annunaki city centers
Poster Handle Aikan
Post Content
the primitive beast who looked at these dna strands on the sleeve. the beast looked at these intertwining stands of dna and he saw snakes.

..and so as lord of the genesis scientists, as lord of the creation, as lord of the serpents, prince ea.. snuck into the garden and he exposed the beast to the knowledge of knowing each other.

and the beast, for one moment in its miserable and wreched life, could be of the gods.. the beast that worked in the mines and worked until death was able to have a moments pleasure..
 Quoting: Aikan

he had the way of the gods at his hands.. he was able to make a choice.. and so the beast began to spread the knowledge, the ilicit knowledge. and the lord of command, the lord of the word. walking in the garden one day, noticed that there were two beasts mating. the ultimate sin. the blasphemy and the sacrilege. the ruining of the experiment. who knows what kind of offspring would be born? of an uncontrolled, unscheduled, unsupervised mating. and so he immediately had the offending beasts thrown out of the garden.
 Quoting: Aikan

he discovered that in fact there were other beasts who were enjoying the knowledge of the gods, the wisdom of the gods, the ablility to have pleasure at any moment. and they were tossed out of the garden. the lord of the word got extraordinarily upset.. and he began to pass new commands. the first edict that he issued was that his brother, the lord of creation would henceforth never be allowed in the garden. and that anything and everything that was attributed to him would be considered to be evil.
 Quoting: Aikan

prince ea, in breaking the very backbone of the rules of the system, by destroying the breeding experiment, personified evil. in the syrian and orion star systems, that which has the greatest evil. the greatest connotation of evil, is that which was anti-system. prince ea personified the worst, the most henous crime that one could commit.

In the creation story that we are all familiar with, it is prince ea, the lord genesis scientist, the lord of creation. the very one who created man in the very beginning. the one who wanted the expeiment to achieve destiny, to achieve free will.

it is that very same lord of creation who went in and gave man an opportunity to get kicked out of the garden.

all offending beasts were removed and the lord of the word labeled anything and everything that was connected with lord ea as evil. the commands for all the beasts were then once again renewed. the first command, thou shall have no other lords before me. prince ea is no longer the lord of creation.

any and all of his technicians are no longer the lords. 'I am the one and only lord, so sayeth I, the lord of the word.' Henceforth, all beasts must attend on the 7th day, they must attend one of my houses inwhich they will praise me. they will promise to obey me. they will follow my every command. and pledge undying loyalty to only me. so sayeth I, the lord of the word.
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