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Message Subject Anunnaki, Nibiru created a stable genetic stock, eventually became so numerous some of us were expelled from the Annunaki city centers
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the lord of creation prince ea fled to africa and there he began his experiment anew.. this experiment started about 2 million years ago. and he tried once again to create a new andama, a new beast with a little more intelligence, a little more awareness, and being a little more perceptive..
 Quoting: Aikan

if you like being injected with monkey blood you damn sure don't need the fallen to help you out on that end


if you wish to defile yourself just do it

doesn't take a shit load of knuckleheads who are beneath us in every way to get er done

good grief

wondering what the falling IQ levels of this planet are at present tense

like bats outta hell they falls, no end in sight

so it be
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