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Message Subject Anunnaki, Nibiru created a stable genetic stock, eventually became so numerous some of us were expelled from the Annunaki city centers
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

do u want to tell me about it?
 Quoting: Aikan

It is nothing that is really revealing, There were a lot of slaves and there was a "process" that is pretty indescribable. Earth was a lot different then.

I should say this memory could just be bullshit, but I had it before I knew anything about Ea and Enlil and use to draw pictures of it. It fits, thats all I really feel like saying.

I don't necessarily believe this, but I have a feeling there is a reason I remember.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18069765

wow, this sounds pretty incredible. what about this 'process'? if you feel like talking about it, I sure would like to get some detail about this..
 Quoting: Aikan

No not really, sorry. Partially because it could be a false association and I don't want to lead you along to crazy town. I do post a lot of stuff on here jokingly but I don't joke about something like this.

If it is "reincarnation" of some sort there is a reason most people do not remember. If it was real it was a LONG time ago. I don't really know anything that will be "beneficial" for you.

I recommend this thread, there are a few interesting posts about Atlantis (some are just delusional): Thread: To any reincarnated Atlantean souls here on GLP

A few years ago I read somewhere on the internet about a Roman Senator that told of a similar account at a dinner. I haven't been able to find it since, and cannot remember his name. His name doesn't stick out in history. It made the hair stand up on my neck and is the only reason I give the memory and credence... and if that story is real, well then...abduct
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18069765

Some people are not more creative then others. Rather, the more creative simply are better at expressing past life memories.

You lived eternally, your memories are different then what you think memory should be. Your memory of the past is your creative consciousness. When you are being creative, you are rendering some part of your past.

I have memories of watching a sunset knowing it was LONG before any roads, buildings, civilization, etc. I was enjoying the raw bliss of mother nature in full control at the time.

When you realize your creative thought is linked to your past, many things begin to open up....good luck.
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