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Message Subject Anunnaki, Nibiru created a stable genetic stock, eventually became so numerous some of us were expelled from the Annunaki city centers
Poster Handle Aikan
Post Content
Earthquakes, or other environmental changes, don't have any

correlation to a Nibiru.

The stars are not out of place and are precisely where they should be.

It is easy to believe in Nibiru if you ignore science.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3555102

there is a lot of correlation.. if a large body came around

it would cause new oceans, new mountain ranges to form..

today, there are two pinned threads and many others.. also

a house sized asteroid (yahoo news, CNN, etc.) is about to

pass closer than the moon within the next few days.
 Quoting: Aikan

You're right it would. But the thing you fail to mention is that it would have to be extremely close to us. Regardless, even before we would see any environmental changes we would be seeing altered orbits of the planets way before environmental changes. Astronomers across the globe would know well before any environmental changes became prevalent.

You cannot ignore orbital mechanics and physics when taking about a potential incoming high mass body. Period.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3555102

you know, the motivation for this originating post was something I heard last night with voices talking to me.. they said 'astronomers' which meant that a lot of astronomers were on glp..
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