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NWO/Doomsday/Spiritual messages in music?

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United States
09/24/2012 05:17 PM
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NWO/Doomsday/Spiritual messages in music?
With the planet being ruled by mainstream everything I can see how it might be difficult to find or even care to learn the knowledge being kept from us.
Luckily, we have what is called the underground. This includes websites like this one, lots of independent music, torrents and many other outlets where we can find anything we want if we look. Three years into my study of suppressed knowledge I find that much of my favorite music resembles things ive learned elsewhere about things like government, conspiracy, the occult, astral and multidimensional topics. My guess is that them and I have studied similar topics and everything makes sense to me that is probably why they are my favorite. Some notable artist: Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Psycho Realm, Prodigy, Canibus. There are also others with a more comedic or subtle way of sending a message like Hopsin or ICP. What do you think about this connection?

(No amount of knowledge will matter if in your search for answers you never look within your self also)

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