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Message Subject The Answer lies in Cancer.
Poster Handle stillhere
Post Content
So far these are the clues.....

"The Answer lies in Cancer.
This is a code red. Repeat, The answer lies in Cancer.

“Red Crab” photo

“White rabbit, red eyes” photo
They are the same; East- West. Now extrapolate.

~~~The moon is the planet for Cancer, Cancer is the “crab”

YOU are not the threat

Its not YOU biting that is a concern

Seashell image nautilus

Spiral image

Donnie Darko—there was a weird guy in a rabbit costume in that movie
This is a code red. Repeat, The answer lies in Cancer.

Symbols, not words

sign—symbol for cancer

Star symbol

The movie knowing

Lighthouse image


Capricorn Zodiac sign symbol

Shutter Island

Vertigo Movie

Rubiks cube

Scrambled eggs in Teflon Pan—which gives off fluoride

ELF’s—Extreme Low Frequency, It is above, below, it is nothing, everything, you, him"
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